A podcast discussing every Star Trek episode ever.

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Jawgrind is where Cale, Daniel, Jason, Phil, and Trey talk about Star Trek.

So far, we've talked about episodes of The Original Series, but we plan to move onto the movies with the original cast and then The Animated Series, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise. And then the rest of the movies. So. Basically everything. Eventually. Stick with us, won't you?

The show evolved out of a tech news podcast of sorts, but you can find the first bits of the current incarnation starting in Episode 4.


  1. Shat-assery
  2. Totes Jefferies
  3. Rub the Obelisk
  4. First Officer of the Enterprise
  5. Backdoor Pilot
  6. Captain Dunsel
  7. Oooh, Mister Spock!
  8. An Abacus of PCBs
  9. Driving Mr. Spock
  10. Klingoni for Francis
  11. Sans Phil
  12. Proto-Bronies
  13. Respectable Voltage
  14. The Carcasses of the Parrot-Crabs
  15. PT to the max SD
  16. We watch Star Trek so you don’t have to.
  17. Showtime at the Apollo
  18. Deus Ex Eyelid
  19. The Flesh of 1,000 Ear Slugs
  20. Latin Sikh
  21. Space Matlock
  22. Coffee with the Gorn
  23. Yeoman Backrub
  24. The Shat
  25. Brown Butter Delivery
  26. Adjacent Jasons
  27. Hell Hath No Fury Like A Smokin’-Hot Android Sex-Slave Scorned
  28. Lieutenant Don Knotts
  29. Dysentery. Ha ha.
  30. The Girl with the Wicker Basket Hair
  31. Your Little Faces Light Up When You Talk
  32. Hot Dog Tacos
  33. Stephen’s Moustache
  34. Jason T. Johnson
  35. Jason Tan